One Prediction for President Obama’s Second Term

Obama will fix ObamaCare. It needs fixing mainly because it was never really the best idea. And why on earth would someone select  national health care plan that was anything other than the plan that came in first place? Why indeed? Seems like a reasonable question. But the whole thing got all tangled up in politics, compromise, deception.  Those are the nice words that describe how we got to ObamaCare.

Sidebar: I realize that the Affordable Care Act will make it so that tens of million more Americans will have health insurance. I understand about the expanded coverage for college students. I have read about the free prenatal care and cancer screenings. I understand about the emotional and financial relief for so any families with some  member who has been denied coverage simply because they really need coverage. I believe that it will be good for the economy and for society in general. And I also know that for the first time in decades my health insurance costs stayed exactly the same as the previous year while I received greater benefits. That hit me immediately. In my wallet and in my life. Just being honest.

One thing for certain, ObamaCare is much better than what we have been living with, or dieing without: the ever expanding cost of health care and health care insurance, coupled to the ever increasing list of medicines and procedures and pre-existing conditions that swell the NOT COVERED list. But I read  a blog today on the Huffington Post that led to some comments that eventually got to this response about ObamaCare exchanges from a RubyMontana. She had a bit of criticism for ObamaCare that I think has some merit.

In October the exchanges will be open for business. Governments will staff this highly trained bunch to navigate you through ObamaCare.
When you are finished with that, more government staff will look at your tax return (yes, you will need one if you want that subsidy) and tell you how much you get towards your required coverage.
Should be fun!
For those of us who have been doing our own work, this is a no-brainer. For those that want it all done for them, you will learn a difficult and expensive lesson. RubyMontana.

I’m not totally convinced that life will be as dire as Ruby says, but she did get me thinking about how much I appreciate ObamaCare and the work that went into it–but here’s the thing, it’s not the final answer.  So for now, in spite of, or because of, the awful experience RubyMontana says I should expect from the exchanges, I’ll continue to visit my friendly Nurse Practitioner and follow her advice as she is the one who monitors my health much more than I ever will. Then I will continue to push for single-payer, government managed health care to replace this good first intermediate step that got fashioned in this form to appease the republicans who then stabbed a president in the back by turning their own backs on the deals they made. It was the Conservative Corporate Congressional demand for appeasement that makes Obamacare something far below the ideal. But its also all we could get–for now.  Anyway…

This president doesn’t strike me as one who likes to settle for less than what he knows is the best. He makes deals, yes. But I believe he yet strives for some high ideals.

Sidebar: Consider the range of high ideals this last term, from endorsing gay marriage, gays in the military and women in combat roles, to his supreme court appointments, to supporting an investment in the auto industry, to doubling auto efficiency standards, to ObamaCare, his “signature” accomplishment.

With all that said, my big prediction for the next four years is that before this term is over, President Obama will get health care right. Hey, it’s got his name on it.

More Disgusting Hate Filled Signs



Driving up I-5 from Portland to Seattle/Tacoma this is what greets you about half-way. This is the new message–front and back–put up just for the MLK three-day weekend traffic. Besides being simplistic and overly disgusting, isn’t it just what America needs to have shoved in our faces on a day we are trying to remember a man of peace?

Add to this signage the fact that the Portland progressive radio station and the Seattle progressive radio station both changed to all day sports formats, and I felt like I was back in Eastern Washington driving a lonely stretch of conservative hell. Scanning through channels I kept getting pieces of Michael Medved, some Lars Larson and way too much Sean Hannity.  Lucky for me I like ESPN.

Seriously, that billboard is huge and spews more hatred than Limbaugh. What kind of signs are the haters putting up on your highways?


Yes, They Did Boo Paul Ryan at the Inauguration. Duh!

To all apologists for Paul Ryan and the booing he received. Booing is pretty tame when you consider that people view Ryan as the Anti-Robin Hood. Ryan wants to take from the working classes and give to the wealthy and that makes him a modern day Sherriff of Nottingham. A lackey for the truly rich, doing their bidding, worming his way into every old boys network of old money. So folks boo him. Duh!

Neo-conservative Rifle Association

Like many of you I have been watching and listening to the Great Gun Debate in America. I would like to say I am fascinated by the discussion, but I’m not. To be fascinated I would have to be somewhat surprised. But who can be surprised by what has transpired over the last few weeks? In the wake of multiple shootings and horrific tragedies, the President has responded to the demands of a large majority of the population by proposing reasonable firearm regulations. The NRA has responded as they always do by drawing a line in the concrete and demanding that the only solution to gun violence is…more gun violence.

So I compiled my own personal list of things the Neo-conservative Rifle Association is for and against, based on the statements of Wayne LaPierre, Paul Ryan and numerous other voices who want only to scare you so that they may profit.

For: Guns for everyone.

Against: Health care for everyone who gets shot.

For: Large ammunition magazines that can slaughter a lot of sparrows, squirrels, deer and …people.

Against: Taking the time to actually reload.

For: Absolute access to firearms and ammunition instantly.

Against: Stopping criminals and the mentally unstable from instant and absolute access to firearms and ammunition.

For: Violent resolutions.

Against: Peaceful resolutions.

For: Old Testament and an eye for an eye.

Against: New Testament and turn the other cheek.

For: Keeping and bearing arms.

Against: A well regulated Militia. (Whatever that means.)

For: Shoot first and ask questions later.

Against: Preventing shootings from happening because nobody stopped to ask questions.

For: Stand your ground law.

Against: Civility.

For: Minority rule.

Against: Democracy.

For: Yelling and bullying.

Against: Listening.

For: Our way or the highway.

Against: Any reasonable compromise.

For: Buying politicans’ votes.

Against: Anyone who votes against their demands.

For: More guns equal less gun violence.

Against: Logic and common sense.