Mitt Romney: All Summary, no details.

Is anyone surprised that Mitt Romney is releasing a summary of his tax returns? Not the actual returns themselves. Trust him, he paid lots and even kept some of it in the U.S. You have to give it to him for consistency, though, because this summary-with-no-details thing is in perfect keeping with the rest of the Romney campaign. Summaries. He has released a summary of his tax plan. Trust him, it’s solid. He has released a summary of what loopholes he might fill. Trust him you’ll be satisfied. He has given a summary of what countries he would like to invade: Iran was specific but any other uppity Islamic nation was the summary part. Trust him, he’ll pay for it somehow. He has released a couple of summaries of how he might deal with health care. Trust him, you won’t lose your coverage (for the right price, or maybe not). But the one place Romney has released a whole lot of details, is on the disrespect and disdain he has for the American working people. That is one area where he seems to just let his real feelings come out before his advisors can shut him up.

Highest Priced Worst Comedian in History

This week from the Mitt Romney Joke Book:

Mitt was joking about the 47%

Mitt was joking about being the grandfather of Obamacare.

Mitt was joking about not caring for those who won’t vote for him.

Mitt was joking about if he was Latino he might get elected.

Mitt was joking about Obama’s birth certificate.

People paid $50,000 a plate to hear these kinds of jokes? I have heard better at a middle school talent show.


The Truth about the Fast and Furious Scandal

Let an older article shed light on today’s report.

Contrary to “Entitlement Society” Rhetoric, Over Nine-Tenths of Entitlement Benefits Go to Elderly, Disabled, or Working Households

Below is a list of Federal Government Entitlements. If 90% of the money spent on entitlements are spent on the Elderly, Disabled, or Working Households, what would you cut?  Could it be that the Republicans are once again presenting a false narrative hoping that nobody will do the research? Is there more money to be saved by cutting Corporate Entitlements and Tax Breaks and Federal Subsidies to the largest and most profitable corporations? Would that be more fair than cutting off your grandparents?

List of Federal Entitlement Programs

529 or Coverdell (Education Savings Plan)

Home Mortgage Interest Deduction

Hope or Lifetime Learning Tax  Credit

Student Loans

Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit  

Earned Income Tax Credit

Social Security–Retirement & Survivors  

Pell Grants

Unemployment Insurance

Veterans  Benefits

G.I. Bill Medicare

Head Start

Social Security Disability  

SSI–Supplemental Security Income


Welfare/Public Assistance

Government Subsidized Housing

Food Stamps

Mitt Romney Says It’s A Compliment To Be Called ‘Grandfather of Obamacare’

It would be more accurate to say that Romney was the biological parent who abandoned his own child because the rest of the family didn’t like the kid.

I Say It’s Time To Trust Romney. Who Needs Specifics?

Without any specifics…

We trusted Bush that he would be “the education president” and he gave us No child Left Behind–worst thing that ever happened to schools.

We trusted Bush about being the “Compassionate Conservative” and we got lies about WMDs, two wars, torture and Guantanamo.

We trusted Bush about the economy and we got the economic crash.

We trusted Bush about taking care of the planet and we got the BP spill.

I say it’s time we trust Romney. Riiiight.



Romney Camp Decides the Economy isn’t Enough

I wonder how many Romney campaign workers are starting to whisper among themselves, “Hell, I’d be a better candidate and a lot better president than Romney.”

Romney’s Hoodoo Voodoo Magic

This week the Washington Post called out Mitt Romney on his tax plan by calling it ‘magic’ and stating what every study–except those bought and paid for by Romney–has said: the numbers don’t come close to adding up. Referencing the Tax Policy Center, WaPo stated ”Mr. Romney’s plan is mathematically impossible, even if it were politically feasible.” But wait, Romney is a businessman who has amassed hundreds of millions of dollars by his crafty use of wealth and beneficial tax codes. Wasn’t Romney touted as the Great Business Genius and Savior of the the Salt Lake Olympics and Staples? Aren’t numbers and the market and tax ‘stuff’ his area of expertise? Well, that was the old narrative. The new narrative paints an entirely different picture.

Today we have a candidate who can’t respond to the recently disclosed truth that the Olympics were saved with a federal dollars bailout. Today we have a candidate who must hide from his own venture/vulture capitalism decisions–decisions that made him extremely wealthy and cost thousands of people their jobs. A man who got his personal and professional paperwork so screwed up he got his retirement date wrong by YEARS and  had to retroactively retire–whatever that means. It appears he may have even committed voter fraud by voting in one state while having residency in another. These are all charges that are verifiable by the release of his tax forms. But today we have a candidate who won’t release them because the rest of us will have even more insight into the false narrative that has been promoted. Today we have a candidate who won’t even tell us any specific plans he has because he knows and admits we wouldn’t vote for him if he did.

The last time any serious Republican was honest about this kind of tax plan was when GHW Bush was running against Reagan in the primary. We all remember that Bush, in a moment of clarity and rare honesty, called the Reagan’s Trickle Down Economics ’Voodoo Economics’. That may well have been the last time a Republican leader actually cared enough about the working people to tell the truth. As it turned out, Reagan won, made Bush his VP, the last honest Republicans bought into the plan and the rich began an unprecedented three-decades-long expansion of their own personal wealth while causing real middle class wages and wealth to decline.

We know–we all know–these tax policies don’t work. Republicans know. Democrats know it. Libertarians know it. Rich people know it and poor people know it. It is all Hoodoo Voodoo Magic. But to put it much more simply, it is a big lie and those wealthy gazillionaires tell this lie to their constituencies with a straight face and not a hint of a wink wink. So, I ask you, if this lie continues to live, should we blame the liars or the ones accepting the lie without calling them out for it? Republican voters, it is time to wake up!

Rick Santorum: ‘Smart People’ Will Never Be On Our Side

The most intelligent thing Santorum ever said.

Indoctrination vs Critical Thinking One Take on the Church/State Thing

Vouchers, Faith Based Schools, Intelligent Design, Climate Change Deniers, Loch Ness Monster Disproves Darwinsim. Hmmm.

I remember Sunday School well. Most of my friends went to the same church I went to and we spent our formative years getting indoctrinated into the church beliefs and norms and traditions. When I was young the stories were cool and when I got older the girls were hot. So I was contentedly indoctrinated. Like kids everywhere, I was discouraged from such questions as ‘where did Adam and Eve’s kids come from’ and ’how does anyone know for sure what heaven is like’ and ‘so, why do good people still go to hell?’  Now before you get upset with me, you need to understand that I think that was okay. I enjoyed it, for the most part. And as long as that indoctrination remains in the church setting I’m okay with it. More or less anyway

Here’s the problem, as I see it anyway. Indoctrination is by definition anti-critical thinking. In matters of faith, critical thinking must eventually break down and fail you. If you can critically think your way through your belief system, there is no need for faith. And I understand that. People can choose to do this. The church’s very existence is predicated upon faith.

While faith must eventually abhor critical review, education must constantly demand it. Education in its grandest sense is about testing and experimenting and obvserving and making determinations and thinking critically about the things around us.  Critical review requires a scientific approach. One must weigh evidence and examine inconsistencies. This is exactly where the desire to bring Christian teaching into public schools become scary. The fight for Christian Churches to inflitrate the public school system is nothing less than the desire to restrict critical review. Conservative leaders have made certain that Evangelicals associate ‘Global Climate Change’ with liberals which in turn connects them to Obama, abortion and godless communism. Thus, simply  accepting what the vast (vast is an understatement) majority of scientists say about the truth of global climate change, would be akin to becoming a liberal. Oh My God!

Evangelicals who insist man was made as a distinct and completed species on a particular day in the history of our universe may teach that at Sunday school all they want but they may not teach it in public school specifically because it will not stand up to critical review. It doesn’t even take much of a philosophical argument to show how that particular dogma is probably insulting to any God, due to its small mindedness.

Water to wine, walking on water, flaming chariot rising to heaven, giant fish eating a man and spitting him out after he learns his lesson–these all require no small amount of faith to accept, and solid, swift indoctrination kick starts the young’uns. Teach faith if you must but leave it out of the school. Or could it be that those who want us to replace critical thinking with church dogma are concerned (insecure) that their faith won’t stand up to scutiny? What does that say about their faith? Then again, maybe that’s the whole point.